August 25, 2005

Bugged Howdt

Went up the North Umpqua yesterday and sampled for bugs. We did the Calf and Fairy Creek sites which are the 7th and 8th data set. After lunch at Munchie's in Glide, we sorted the Fairy sample, which was taken from an area where downed wood from the Apple Fire 0f 2002 was being 1) flagged for timber sale and 2) recruited into the stream. The bugs, macroinvertebrates are an indicator of water quality. The Calf Creek site pictured below is outside the burned area. There were a lot of water pennies and black fly larvae in the Fairy Creek sample. We may have missed some mayflies and stoneflies that have previously hatched, being that it is late August.
I also have a shot of Falls Creek Falls - the same picture that i had up two weeks ago, but August rather than January. Bit of flow difference eh?

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