August 25, 2005


Conversation at While Away Books concerned change. I have decided that i prefer loose change - a couple of quarters, one dime, two pennies - we don need no stinkin nickels. The pennies are so that i can put my two cents in. The quarters bear state emblems, which should remind us of the 10th amendment - the forgetten one that talks about the rights not delineated belonging to the states.

I am kicking around a concept that needs some latitude. I have developed terms for an individual challenge where a student demonstrates a role reversal with the mentor - a passing of the ritual, to demonstrate mettle in an individual field. But - the catch is that i'd like the student not to challenge his direct mentor, but the mentors in the educational hierarchy of his mentors.

I have in mind a challenge system that is not a waste of time for anyone - but brings challenges that get addressed promptly and accurately. Thus a challenge can be accepted, refuted or declined. Declined is a concession on the point. Refuted is easy - just bring up increased knowledge. But accepted challenges should be battled in a format where the crowd - you and me and everyone who is not a party to the debate team should have a say in determining the issue resolution. Is there a system out there that does this, or should i spend some of my precious time inventing this wheel?

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