August 27, 2005

Work and Rewards

This fall, OSEN will be launching an on-line mentor school - where students can tap into courses being offered by a teacher to other high school students and use our on-line resources - like the lecture-hall, the on-line offices, and the redile system to enhance the education that the students get from public schools. The first classes available in October will involve Reedsport and Douglas High Schools and the Riddle Education Center - a charter school.

The Bug Zone will feature aquatic entomology while Water Zone will teach techniques of water quality monitoring. There will be a field component to the work. Each zone will feature 12 1-hour on-line classes, a chalkboard area for interactive questioning of the expert, and a timed on-line test that requires knowledge of the terminology and context of the topic. The classes will build on common concepts, and will require field certification for completion. For people not local to us here - we will have methods of reaching you in your community. This will require work,to borrow and maintain quipment, to review websites, work math problems, and to put things together - but the rewards will be that you add an uncommon skill to your collection of abilities. Plus, if you live close, we could sit on a hillside and watch this:

or take a hike into the wilderness to find a natural hot pool like this:

If i have tempted you, we can make arrangements with Jane Green to pay us all a visit, so that you can get your certification here first hand and meet some of the animal characters that i have been blogging about.

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