September 13, 2005

400 th blog : Zone futures

Lemme's poem was the 400th post since the zone started. The first year finishes up in October - As a demonstration of appreciation to the entire bloggosphere - i will continue to post odd inane chaotic trivia buried deep within the passion of curmudgeonship. Here's to all the Crosslinked areas, the Expanding Horizons authors and the ONRRI guys - who are happy to contribute two cents or two bits, but haven't quite stepped up to the plate with the energy to make this game into anything more than an exhibition match. Of course, we're Tampa Bay vs. the Yankees: Gomes, McClurg, Kasmir, Cantu ... I like our odds for next year

The Zone Life is now planned for this school year - if the fiscal backing falls into place. Salinity Zone will lead to Carbon Zone, followed by Bug Zone, then Water Zone and finally the Envirothon Every Zone. Dr. Lenny's measurement course will work with the products of these zones. The kick off is post Tsalila - October 1 - although if your interested in salinity, contact me now.

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