September 08, 2005

Athena and Life Philosophy

I just can't get The Who off my mind these last few days. Except for chasing down the chicken, this dog has been a smooth addition thus far. The muscovy ducks migrated to the neighbors and had to be coaxed back, but all in all the dogger are getting the idea. We are still using leashes and setting bounds, but Athena already seems to have had a litter of pups, so she may be a slight bit older than the year they told us - i would scan the paperwork for birthdates, but i have no way of knowing that those aren't made up. Neither dog is purebred.

while i'm open, i'd like to rant a different topic - the idiocy of pushing mandatory education back onto pre-school kids. Did these regimentarians ever have a childhood? School should start at age 10 and parents should have kids ready with reading and writing down. I can pick up kids that wish to learn and keep them motivated at their own pace through the Redile system. But it won't work without a hands on central location to interchange and exchange ideas, knowledge and socials. Kids less than 10 shouldn't be asked to interact socially. If first grade starts at age 10 and school continues to high school graduate at 22-24, people would become of age at around 26 years old when the body is physically and mentally mature. We take our youth, load them with ideas and abilities at college (supposedly) and then bury them economically before they even start. We have expanded the lifespan from 50 to 80 in the past century - can we stretch the time of living to meet entire range of lifetime? Lets create cross-generational partnerships. It's cheaper than gas for busses.

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