September 30, 2005

Doctor Lenny's Learning Environment

I work for youth. Given that youth have no representation in society, we do them a disservice by forcing public education and not providing skills for competitive thinking. Given that the past five years, I have been raising grant money for youth programs that succeed with youth, but fail to provide me with sustainance; i feel that i can no longer provide services in education or science free to the adult community. To this end, all adult persons wishing my time are referred to Bob Craft at Smotis, Inc.

Everybody else - those of us who have never grown up, or have grown and revel in the wisdom of their ways are invited to help create doctor lenny's learning environment - Redile in Practice. My current fee is five hours per hour - if you take an hour of science training in a field of your interest, you owe me five hours of your time for the service - which i promise will be applied to your continuing knowledge base.

Courses will be offered on a regular inconsistent schedule and will contain a 1 hour on-line interactive lecture on topic, about four hours of self-directed reading and homework, a few on-line quizzes and an appearance at a certification workshop. These workshops will be held in conjunction with public service projects and will be the events where we spend the debt hours. Continuing students will find their debt lowered in hour per hour contact time. No credit - goal is to manufacture profitable natural resource based businesses.

Buy in by spending time in the first measurement class.

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