September 03, 2005

EH 26 - Authority

I try to keep away from popular stuff - but as a natural resources person, I am drawn to stories of resources gone haywire. I feel badly for all the little girls named Katrina out there - they just reallocated your name to a connotation. Michael S Rozoff details some of the statements that have come from N'orleans that need further follow-up.

One new tool that we can use here is to look at the worst emergency that could potentially befall our own communities and then look at the law in terms of whether it exasperates the situation. Let's use the opportunity to purge unworkable self-serving laws. We have to get the government pared down to only problems of comparable scale, and then create a government that resembles the people that it governs. Rule enforcement should not part of law enforcement and certainly not be the focus of direction of the entire judiciary.

It is tiring to be embarrassed by people at every turn. Please get your act together and expect me to get my act together. We can discuss what that means, but you do not have the right to tell me or anybody else what to do. Coercion cannot be voluntary. The situational awareness of a majority of people has become zero - PEOPLE pay attention. Think. Act - look at the consequences. Pay attention. Learn the skills you need to learn. Take control of your personal circumstance. Seek help from people who can and will help. Learn to trust yourself, and trust people that you really trust. Do not trust cheaply, make people earn trust, but then trust them. Now get howdt. Time to fix the problems. Doctor Lenny's Save the World Forum available shortly.

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