September 10, 2005

EH - 29 Systems

The U.S. government is skilled at levying – just not so good at leveeing.

Very few organizational systems are working according to plan at any point in time. They rarely work well outside of narrowly defined channels. Apart from job-threatening, budget-threatening negative feedback systems within organizations, they stagnate. They are soon run for the benefit of their employees.

Gary North provides an excellent analysis of the required response to the agricultural transportation problem - without barges, grain is not worth hauling. Plus, even though the port remains intact in New Orleans, there is no workforce. No place to live. In the whole deep gulf south. Note: The reference to George Friedman of Stratfor is extremely useful - good students collect seminal papers.

Dr. Lenny Howdt's Save the World Research Group will have it's second meeting tomorrow night at 6:30 pm PDT (Sunday, september 11). At the first meeting, Doctor Lenny and lemme howdt had a discussion, with no howdtside attendence. lemme not only writes poetry, but he also is the quintessential professional student. Drop in and get howdt.

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