September 05, 2005

News of the World

Most people that know me know this, but if you want the other picture that the TV/Radio media won't give you - start read the e-news at Lew Rockwell's site - . Our time has run down, but not howdt - there are serious considerations that need be taken. Today - there were 5 key articles in the twelve posted - and i only read the five i had time to read. Gary North pegs science right on. Linda S. Taylor comments on a bus-driver and Michael Rozeff is dyno-mite about what we can do. I'll get back later
Decide what it is you would like to do and prepare to do it, because the way things usta be done has just drowned in N'orleens. Your interest will have to sustain you. Regular columnists with net airspace can help you to decide what to believe. Everybody lives in the world they create - i hope you can keep yours.
It's all up to what you value. G. Harrison

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