September 09, 2005

Order: Wisdom of the Ages on Rye, hold the mayo

Now that everybody is totally pissed off at everybody about everything - let's blame the whole mess on congress. There are 434 elected politicians out there helping their districts feed at a trough that is about to run dry. Wouldn't it be nice to replace every single one of these toady hogs in congress with an independent thinking human being. We could then restore the old honest mechanisms and broker deals that could have the federal grubbermint functioning as a true government - real lawmakers rather than rulemakers. It would undercut all the special interest lobbyists in one fell swoop. Everybody's own congress critter is essential because of the senority system - let's hope that Dr. Paul can be pursuaded to take a shot at streamlining the executive branch to meet the needs of the people through their new congress critters. We da people need to identify honest candidates: the people we trust to be solomon's, cause we're gonna need the wisdom of the ages to get there from here.
(link added 9/10/5 )

New crosslink to Indie Castle - a place for ideas people to gather political leadership. Back East - look up Fran and Nancy in the CUIP office in NYC. We are not sheep - the political class has failed. New philosophy - thinking - dreaming - what does hilary antoinette say about the people of new orleans?

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