September 14, 2005

Plea for basic science research

Time is getting short, so the urgency to do many things is upon everyone. Simplifying will not be easy, but complicated apparatus must be dissembled in order to have the time for the things that are important to get done, while they can still be done. To this end, people need to have support to be able to do what they have to do. Analyze your support structure and work to patch the holes. It is important that you can count on yourself to be ready for every eventuality- start lining up your other ducks in a row. Shed projects that will never end, or reinvest the time in them to make them worthwhile. Only you know what is important for you, but the time to invest was yesterday. Now, you have to plan to react to an unknown circumstance. In Louisiana, that was flood water, in Sri Lanka, tsunami. Weather is a release of atmospheric energy when a system saturates past equilibrium.
Global warming is completely unbelievable as a phenomenon, but that doesn't mean that we can violate the chemical consequences of altering the mass balance. As a chemist, it amazes me at how naive the public is about oxidation and reduction. I don't mean the general public, i mean the literate university educated public. The people who should know Tesla from Edison. I'm not certain that Heisenberg was all there - but he was the closest thing to the edge of science that we have ever reached - Woodrow Wilson got his initials immortalized forever and WWI cemented the downhill slide of hypothetic driven science. Let us go back, please.

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