September 28, 2005

Waste - get howdt - and run

As times get tight, people can no longer afford to waste any of the bounties that are provided. Leadership requires walking the walk while talking the talk - but doing rather than talking is the much preferred course of action. Measuring what we accomplish by wasting less will encourage patterns that physically waste less.
Soul search has led me to believe that the PTB will not allow the problems to be fixed. I will give one more major attempt to change - but even though Rediling the schools would educate, that no longer appears 2B the purpose of schools. We must shrink grubbermint and the only means to shrink it is by getting elected and reducing the volume of rules.
While i would rather run for congress as a scientist on a mission, politix is done best closest to home. Thus, i went in to file for county commissioner yesterday - and was not allowed to file - because independents have no primary mechanism. They wouldn't take my check and allow me to start a legit campaign. Instead i will spend more time flapping jaws with people paid to obfuscate. i am documenting the bureaucratic waste of time required 2B able to file for office, run for office and win office. The count is at 1 interaction with county level officials - 30 minutes. In the end, i expect to get all this time back, paid in full by the grubbermint at either lawyer or full PhD rates. I then expect to contribute the award back to the cause. I do not consider this a waste of time, because it will demonstrate the absurdity and the need for a clean election mechanism that is transparent, non-coercive and legitimately fair.

So if you wish to contribute to the cause - please wait until later - 20.06 or 200.6 or 2006 or 20060 in any unit of currency. All proceeds of political fund-raising will be spent in the venue of the office (county commissioner - spending in douglas county). All proceeds of educational fund-raising will be translated into value to the youth of the community in the venue decided by the contributor. time contributions (investments in people) are accepted any time - in Dr. Lenny's office. The machine begins rolling on saturday, oct 1. Athletes, rock stars and rocket scientists: ask about the investment potential . Get howdt

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