September 28, 2005

Where's the money?

Dam issues again take precedence in our local locale. Milltown Hill roars back, so today i asked the county commissioners for their cost/benefit analysis and got invited to spend my time unpaid at their budget meetings. I invited a few acquaintances in the press to give me a jingle, but i plan to blog the way to the congress in 2008 - no holds barred. I'll work for a congressman if i can't get elected, but my guess is that the economy gonna be so bad that no elected politician remains in office.
We desperately need real people to run, so leadership involves rolling up the sleeves and being howdt there on the front line of the debate - turn off the funding spigot for the war on the world. Just say no to the war on terror, the war on drugs and the war on the people that live in Iraq. Stop coercive politics by electing non-politicians. Reduce the rules masquerading as laws. Make the laws understandable to the people affected. And give people a government that reflects our persons, not just our lawyers, some medics and our commerce.

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