October 17, 2005

Blogging Events

Decided to add a link to Wally Conger's blog Out of Step (permission pending) http://wconger.blogspot.com/ - which fits into the general Howdt framework of the world. I also added the evil post checker device 'word verification' to filter out the spambots that attach and waste my time.

Time is the currency of the day and i value my time enough that it will not be given away any longer. Then again, when i choose to squander time is up to me. Some people seem to think that running for County Commissioner is squandering away my time, but Devvy doesn't think so. http://www.newswithviews.com/Devvy/kidd132.htm . Time to represent the intent of the constitution while we still can. I would be happy to get the word howdt for any independent candidate that runs without the D or R behind their name. Dr. Lenny Howdt (I - Green).

Finally, for the contemporary blog fanatic - Ender's Review of the Web - http://www.endervidualism.com/erev/ - should keep everybody up-to-date on the bloggomania of our times. Just remember - there are two non-computer geeks for every literate user, so the messages must find an extention beyond cyberspace. ERW should have a print complement to rival the parade propoganda every churchday morn.

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