October 15, 2005

The Crumbling Infrastructure

From Tom's Dispatch via lewrockwell.com

"Wetlands are often referred to as nature's kidneys. Most self-respecting scientists will tell you that, and yet [private] developers and officials [at the Army Corps of Engineers] wanted me to support their position that wetlands are, literally, a pollution source." Bruce Boler

I do not support the manner in which this purge has been perpetrated and I believe that every individual involved has been personally wronged. Yet - i can't help but ask how many of these people held jobs that should be in the private sector? The real crime is that a lot of these positions didn't disappear along with their agencies when the republicans promised us they would decrease the size of government. We are still waiting for one less department of education, one less department of commerce, etc.

We, the people, want federal politicians howdt of the local governing business !!!!!

Elect Doctor Lenny howdt for County Commissioner.

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