October 07, 2005

earth manages

earth has been round
for how many billion years
seasons come and go
in the same perverse order
weather grates the plains
energy shifts forms
moves mass in the process
of quelling itself down
diminishing the force of blow

agency land managers
running like chickens
deheaded by the volume
of funding not received
in the future very soon
grasping for local wisdom
by conjectures with no teeth
search for useful things to do
when no option - nature's way
expresses economic indifference

energy spent on flapping jaw
is dispersed from the ecosystem
in quanta of expertise of minute
depthful insight arising from
multiseasonal observation
non-conventional wisdom
distributed one thought at a time
as people build on the diversity
of shared opinion of differing reality
coalesces into much broader consensus

yet generally today opinions
replace the in-depth search for truth
due to difficulties in the nature of seek
hide and seek was fun for hiders
but seekers needed encouragement
to continue playing when the hiders ran off
left on own device, other worlds invade
the bugs, the rocks, the tardigrades
all there waiting to be found without guile

counting is basic, so easy we forget
to add the numbers up to determine
whether the artificial reality created
matches the somnabulent whirled view
reality left in plain sight for those who look
all options of economic scale impact
dwarf logic, exasperate imbalance
of depth and breadth in conflict
without consideration of width or length of time
as harrison echoes all things must pass
his guitar gently weeps

catalyzed by univariant passion
leemings of breadth via social maneuver
grasp at straws that rightgeous wield
paper tigers rigging a system under tight leash
fraying into individual efforts that keep status quo
rather than sharing common tales
raconteuring our common heritagi
wheat people sharing red people caring
blue people smiling green people playing
rainbow children appreciating throes of death
as a rebirth to life in a novel complex order
created from the chaos of economic disintegrity

pass the scrabble tiles, push the pawns
invest in the knowledge yearning to be learned
new assumption, novel interactions,
strictures of clandestine economics melt
social justice and equity of choice to discriminate
brothers in color working ways cooperatively
based on individual unshared goals that allow
me to be me.

(c) 2005 lemme howdt

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