October 10, 2005

Errata - Global Warming - a new lemme howdt poem!

All great social movements get started by a single individual perservering in the face of adversity. whenever i give up hope, i go listen to joni mitchell, or read thoreau, ghandi, or invest time in my own interests. when i feel needed and wanted, i get back into the sphere of being confident and take the next path back towards my personal goal. simple goal - world peace.

Attended a conference on global warming at Marylhurst on Saturday and realized how detacted the university has become from communications with outside reality. It was rewarding to be able to discuss research with academic theorists and i am certain i added great thought into people's drive homeward. Some of the concepts i discussed one-on-one included the non-linear addition of wave-forms and the loss of matter in the process of dissociating things from a whole into its parts.

If global warming is real and the temperature front of heat is moving northward and southward, then the shift of growing seasons should enable longer growing seasons and earlier planting. Starting exotics now in anticipation of more heating may not be wise - it seems we are nearing some historic maximums. If the current trends continues for a few more years and then plateaus or begins a slow descent, then varietals of wine and agriculture will shift northward. We in southern oregon should be looking at north california's traditional staple agriculture base as our base for the next century or two.

We can start to enhance that base with good root-stock, heritage plantings, and by using MOATs [ metal-enhanced organic agricultural techniques ] including compost teas, pest predators as pesticides, and buffered stream areas with fish friendly habitat anchors.

Time to step even further howdtside da baax. here's lemme


(c) 2005 lemme howdt

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