October 20, 2005

Expanding Horizons 38 - Vision

Politics is also about moving to a "target," about moving society from where it is to where one thinks it ought to be. Despite what anyone may insist, this isn't just about economics, but also society's "mental" and "spiritual" well-being. We each want everyone else to have our beliefs and values, and we're frustrated that they don't. And then we assume character defects in our opponents for disagreeing with us. (And, really, how can this not be true? It other people's values are disordered, how can their "character" not be also?)

James Leroy Wilson sets out the target for how a free market economy ought to work if he could have his way. The Doctor Lenny vision is remarkably similar in end status, althought the chaos necessary of how to get there from here is quite different in scope.

People have to be able to do what they realize they need to do, without worrying if somebody else notices or not. The people that need to draw attention to themselves run for public office and everybody else is content to remain in the shadows and gripe about it. Well folks - the curtain got pulled back on OZ and we had better decide individually where we are going and get there - because the means of go are going to be restricted by the availability of the key resources (which by the way, the PTB are grabbing violently).

So now is the time, if your not really happy, to bail on your unproductive life and run for political office and use the transparency of the system to hold the servants accountable for their deeds. They don't run the system, we the people do. Get howdt and change the world. Do something different. Do something. anything. Set a target and get there. But remember - the people that you deal with are all people - better to respect their vision and work cooperatively.

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