October 21, 2005

Jealousy ? Anger? Say Good Bye (or Good Buy)

This post is designed to demonstrate some of the intangible values that may be lost if the current Bush strategy to turn all value into cash takes effect. I'd love to read Mr. Pombo's bill before i make comment on it, but it appears that the congress believes it has the power to make the final call before consulting we the people.

But to add insult to injury - on the ground BLM policy has been to consult with the public here for ideas before putting anything together in a management plan. What are they doing, shopping for opinions to bolster their arguments? Why doesn't the BLM have BLM professional land managers suggest their plan and justify it using their skills as trained professionals and then let the public refine the plan.

Or we could let our public foresters design the plan and let the BLM kibbitz. But what is going on now is government by whim of Michael Hogan and proclamation of GWB and that just isn't America. So look at some of this stuff that i get to enjoy for only a short time longer unless we get our act in gear and decide that this is the stuff that is important.

After all, it filters the air we breathe and the water we drink. On the heel's of the new Amazon findings, isn't it time we managed the public forest rather than allowing it to be used as the king's ransom?

Help us howdt here - don't let congress modify the Endangered Species Act without having the professionals in the areas affected weigh in. Tell your congress critter to put Mr. Pombo back in his place.

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