October 08, 2005

Speakin Howdt

is the whole equal to the sum of its parts, or are particles lost in the combination of the pieces to the whole - emitted to form maximus glutemissions or other things that cause the system to sink into an energy well, which is defined as a stronger order. chaos always defeats order in the long run - a simple law of physics

science has snipped apart all the little pieces of everything and finds that by the continuum of fractals, there are always more little pieces. how about looking at big pictures and looking to see if there are some alternative frameworks to look at the bigger picture other than the economic serlingesque orwell scene we seem to find ourselves trapped in today.

chemistry waves have unique interactions of addition and subtraction. The combination of waves is complicated - hydrogen can be calculated, but helium may be in reach only if we double the capacity of the best chip. But there are rotational energies, translational energies and overall system energies that interact differently depending on what the inorganic glue in the middle of the organic lattice happens to be.

the nobel committee deserves a hail and well done on the awards to Richard Schrock and Teddy Grubbs. These guys established the basis for the field that allows me to be certain that i know what i'm talking about. Chemistry focused on organics is looking at the trees in the forest without considering the woods. I enjoy the diversity of the woods - who's woods these are, i think i know ...

the nobel committee deserves a strong rebuke for awarding the nobel peace prize to a government agency. bad agency, bad industry, bad power form, bad choice all around. cold fusion is promising nuclear chemistry, fission and dispersed uranium are baned to nature for long times to come. As the world evolves, the dispersed uranium will be a major player in altering the life on earth - and we have limited knowledge of d-orbital chemistry and f-orbital chemistry is pre-infancy.
uranium is super-big - mercury on steroids.

My laboratory is natural resources and i serve now as the 1st vice chair of the Southern Oregon Resource Conservation District. My role will be in fuels and wood. This is a volunteer position - it distributes the resources that the department of agriculture has had for conservation. One reason to end the three wars - Iraq, Drugs and Terror - is to remove the plug from the drain on all other spending. We are not efficient - government needs to be even more local. This is a federal/local partnership - but the local has to take the lead.

We need to look at the whole picture, not just the simple easy cherry pickings. We have to build enough energy to get out of the potential energy well that is the established order. hurricanes, tsunamis and volcanoes will visit us with more frequent occurrence until we improve our resource efficiency.

Using conservation biology, following the track of nature - a thousand points of light each doing what it does independently of the other points of light until the competition leads down to the most potential for adequate change to a system that defrays the power of the people to the people locally that are best fit to make decisions. I was john galt, now lemme howdt!

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