October 02, 2005

Wacked howdt

It appears that there is more turbulence in my mind and my life lately. My agitation level is very low and my stubbornness quota seems high - and that is now common for all the people i regularly deal wit at home. Yesterday, I travelled out to the woods and felt much better, but when i came back into town, my head just filled with meta-noise. I am going back howdt today - i managed to leave a journal howdt to get wet, but perhaps the anger and frustration that i have been dealing with in synthetic and unnatural. I live in a valley right next to the hill where all the microwave and cell phone towers have sprought forth. Is there anyone else that share migraine headaches and audio brain irritaions?
I think my brain waves have too much excitation. I use an incredible amount of antioxidants - vitamin C, caffeine, THC - the migraines blast me when i lower consumption levels. But - time to wean down on coffee - just because it will be tougher to get this winter. And time to invent some wave noise filtering earplugs.

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