October 19, 2005

Who? is Doctor Lenny

Who is this doctor lenny dude? After being a professional student, i got to work as a research and development scientist, a lab supervisor for a mine and smelter, and as an educator based at a zoo. Currently - i voulunteer most of my time and get paid very little - the nest egg built while working real jobs extended very well. I am poor, but with all the creature comforts of wealth, simple joys. I do home science.
Dr. Lenny looks at things from a unique point of view - appreciating concepts like symmetry and volumnosity. (ie. How many atoms are required to make a cage that encumbers another atom? Or a hydrogen molecule?) The ultimate hydrogen fuel source is water - water we waiting for monkeying around with oil; why not generate a facile peroxide/oxide couple based on solar that stores energy as a hydride? - oops too much techie speak!!!
Now i wish to be a media star - but my sports talents are not that good and the only role that i can play as an actor is the bit part, but i can think. Perhaps i live in the world of Oz at times, but really, wouldn't you like to have that freedom. You can! Go to
http://www.quityourjobday.com/ and start again, without the excess baggage. But - this time invest your time and effort in developing the skill that you can market that makes you unique in the land of the sheeple. Uniqueness is a magnet that attracts social capital - if you don't burn that capital by turning it into something useless like money, it goes a long way.
I said i enjoy creature comforts - here is Rosencrantz checking the bathroom window for soundness. As long as the animals are fed and fresh watered, they share with me the passions that i have found for looking up and looking down. The more i deal with adults, the more i enjoy working with youth. The more i deal with youth, the more i enjoy working with animals.

We have to change the world, one person at a time, staring internally. If you wish to do better - do better. Start today.

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