October 21, 2005

Winter 06 Freezings

Cold tempering might actually have some real utility in spontaneously generating order from chaos. Bird flu and heating oil prices, on top of the general anger, make for a vastly frozen wasteland of person comfort for most americans this winter - the start of the major lifestyle change as our economy grinds to a screetching halt (or achieves third world status, choose your term).

Or an opportunity to become interested in depth in something new because time is a valuable commodity. Slowing down life as we know it - also known as aka cooling one's jets - is not necessarily evil or good; it just reduces the amount of stagnant energy pumped into the system and gets to a more firm ground state. Chaos and order come together.
Interesting how the pop media and the deep media converge on the same target, although the pop media did it only as a novelty.


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