October 11, 2005

World Peace Dialog

To demonstrate thinking, i use this dialog with a friend over a game of chess. It is a response to yesterday's post. The text is repeated at Get Howdt - the political aspects of the zone found at http://howdt2.blogspot.com .

Dr. Lenny – some questions from Europe - Do you think world peace is a simple goal? It would be very nice if that would be so. But it's not. There will be always governments and people who won't like the peace and will start war. For what cause? It doesn't matter. For oil, water, peace or anything else. It doesn't matter. It seems mankind haven't learn anything from history.There were wars, there are wars and there will be wars. People died/are dieing/will die in stupid wars. Have you watched the movie Troy? At the beginning where only two best soldiers fight instead of entire army. All wars should be decided like that.

i agree with you both on the one-on-one aspect of ultimate war and the fact that we will never achieve the goal. But - leveling the playing field by giving all people both control and responsibility for themselves would go a long way toward fixing the problems. Governments have no right to tell their sovereign people how to do what to do. That’s what the people are for in the first place - to work out the hows and whys.

Governments should provides infrastructure, not direction. It should protect freedom and liberty, not provide them. It should keep laws to govern structure, not laws to govern men. When rule of law turns to rule of man, we get Iraq, a war on those in poverty dubbed the drug war and an even more insane war on a tactic, terrorism. There is a reason that this country is becoming increasingly more isolated in world affairs, only world peace can fix this right now. We won't get all the way there, but the closer we can approach total economic chaos, the more successful we’ll be at securing peace in the next world order.

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