November 17, 2005


Doctor Lenny is a character that is meant for amusement, but the ideals that he seeks are the base values that people of substance should have. At least in the mind of doctor lenny. If the character gets preachy, it is because the person behind the facade has been preached at a lot lately.

Value systems only work if they work for you all the time - they can't shift or move suddenly to accommodate situational ethics. Or can they? You have to decide for you and i have to decide for me. And we can argue, bitch, complain, moan and groan, but when it comes down to it - we don't have to agree to do anything that we do not wish to agree to do. But once you've given your word to do something and been taken at face value, then you have to decide to do that action or not. And suffer the gain or loss of stature from the action.

People need to be allowed to make mistakes and shift values to accept new thoughts and feelings, new facts and judgements. And we need the latitude of time to adjust to the current reality and verify for ourselves that the new paradigms are working before we invest all our effort in changing our ways.

As 20th century history has been completely re-written three or four times - selective memory becomes the dominant fact and our post-boomer memories were shaped by a media that was so vindictively coercive, that now we have to challenge all the facts of all the stories that we know in light of the new hidden information springing forth. Unless of course we allow the powers that be to keep changing the rules and burying secret abuses of power deeper into the historical abyss.

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