November 01, 2005

chekked howdt

The miasma of life deals a strange poker hand to those who bluff their way through. After running a salinity zone on the coast on saturday, i stayed over and listened to a gathering of voices in the lutheran church on sunday. Grandma treetoad was my hostess, and she introduced me to several different members of the Reedsport community. Patrick, the principal played guitar and many people demonstrated musical abilities. Then we had desert.

So i gathered my broom and left for a doctor appointment, which mushroomed into three to five doctor appointments as bureaucratic hoops become more imposing. In order to properly document medical necessity, i must visit my personal physician on a regular basis. My original migrane diagnosis was from the mid 70s - and the gamut of pharmacopea - ergot, perkodan, caffeine and various other pretenders never really helped. So to self grow and medicate, i must pay extra tax over and above the processing costs because the state of oregon sees money in the hand as revenue rather than rightfully returning the excess as the original legislation advocates.

Blood pressure is borderline - but given advancing age, my health was reasonable. Getting to know the doc is going to be necessary in order to attune my perception to the actual reality that regulation is now a mainstay of permission - whether i like it or knot. personally, anarchy has much more allure, but most people would deem chaotic to be evil. taint necessarily so.

where is the shadow when we need him?

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