November 03, 2005

EH - 41 Big Bro

I don't really, mean ta scare ya, but my bunkmate has malaria Alan Sherman - Camp Grenada

This is scary - scarier than bird flu. Who checks the info for accuracy? The Get Howdt of Here solutions are to get yourself an RFID reader and start following every politician, every bureaucrat and every person who gets the information from these chips and publicize their personal collected information. Can we invent an RFID squeal that wipes out the adjacent frequencies or perhaps invent RFID frequency modulators to wear.(Aluminum Foil Pyramid Hats)

Lately i have been hearing noises, especially radio music when none is on. I wonder if maybe RFIDs channels can provide subliminal audio messages.

Paging Dr. Kafka, Dr. Orwell, Dr. Stolzenitszen, Dr. Pauling, Dr. Howdt

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