November 10, 2005

EH - 43 - Reality?

James L. Wilson summarizes the year in review a bit before X-mas, missing the next surprise. The system feeds on itself, so we will now get to stand back and watch howdt. The venue of life's work takes place irrespective of time, but yet changes happen so fast that it seems like history occurred in the time frame we were born. Paybacks are hell, but Jose has met Franz ... Pogo wisdom rocks
As outlying qualities are suppressed, the inner reality unravels. What happens when you play with the pace that the electron zips around the nuclei? - Can it break howdt of its defined orbital shell? Depends on the jurisdictiction of who defined the shell, right? Of course, not! Look howdt - when voices of possibility are silenced, then probability suggests that only the roar of silence can be heard.

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