November 15, 2005

EH - 44 College

Gary North asks about the value of tolerating boredom. Why would anybody be bored with their imagination? But he has a point and would be a likely adherent to the redile system. It all comes down to what you value - make an investment in yourself and you will not be sorry.

If you feel like you may wish to apprentice in a science field - take Dr. Lenny's measurement course at YC.C and see if it is something that you like. We seek people with the ability to gather good clean information from routine sources, so that we know what the real playing field is by virtue of playing on it. How to count, measuring area, volume, weight, etc.

Dr. Lenny's interest field is resources, both natural and artificial. Specific interests include degradative restoration of raw material (composting), relative rates of inorganic biological chemistry reactions and factors that affect them (metal catalysis), distribution of materials throughhowdt the food chain - interactions between animal species and entomology, mycology and lichenology within forest and stream habitats. The holy grail is the unexplained source of energy that converts thought to action - what is it, where does it come from.

Theoretical physics will need experimentalists attuned to measuring forces that are current unknown, we had better get started looking at the forces that we do know better. gravity - electro-magnetism - weak - strong. Strings or Quarks or some other vague satire of some model we have built and discarded in the past. Think about it. Or go watch TV.

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