November 28, 2005

EH - 48 signal to noise

"The news is a measurement of history where the frequency of sampling the signal is at such a high frequency as only to perceive the noise."

When Katz praises Bonner in on today's morning paper : : He drifts into Dr. Lenny's field of measurement. Engineering and science are intermixed to produce technology, but basic science is pure noise - the signal died. There is perhaps the ability to resusitate pulse, but not in the real world of value defined by the current state of the art. There is no money in developing theory, when it cannot be placed into immediate practice. There is no patience to develop things of worth, when people are looking to spend the value of anything generated for immediate consumption.

So - if we pull the plug on this v43.2 of amerikkan history - where shall we reboot to? 1913? 1777? Zero? Can we have a meritocracy instead of a aristocracy of barristers and their cronies? Ben Franklins's words " if you can keep it " continually spring to mind. Time to figure howdt a new gameplan.

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