November 23, 2005

Insight Howdt

Cause all the people who i talk to here think the same, in either red or blue flavor. Very little green and no purple, except the haze. 'lemme howdt' in discussion with 'tree' in UK

People come in colors and flavors, but rarely with the depth of shades or tastes necessary to interact in a worldly(?!) fashion. The amerikan tower of babel is not only in our language culture, but also in our community isolation. Urban dialect is completely lost on rural folk, while urban/urban and rural/rural can be like fanatical/fanatical in scope. Suburban is a completely different culture entirely. When we think in black/white terms, we miss the broad spectrum of color that waves display throughout our universe. Essence of being is in the moment, yet it is carried through history, even though history is not carried through time. The things that stand the measure of time, that really mean something in the descendence of human spirit - that is what truth seek is about and why it is necessary!

As this current thought paradigm cracks, opportunity and misery dual in tight quarters. Reevaluation of the base assumptions - the very base assumptions - on energy, matter and forces that alter the distribution between them is worth significant attention. Unraveling string theory applicatively up through quarks, protons, nucleii, elements, chemical bonds and life may hold some immediate promise for new principles within which to rebuild a disintegrated society.

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