November 25, 2005

mixed chocolate and nuts?

Our household consists of chocoholics. age brings a distinct fondness for challenging tastes buds. i have been on a quest for the best dark chocolates marketed with social conscience. the current bar is Dagoba Conacado 73% - fair trade certified from forest grown organic cacao in the Dominican Republic. my favorite at the moment is the Endangered Species Chocolates Bat Bar. found bulk almond bark for the holidays. if transportation ever really goes stagnant, trade for coffee and chocolate will be just as high as that for cigarettes, pot or alcohol.

Concerning fair trade certified - i have a problem with what is called free trade and fair trade. The free trade agreements - things like nafta and gatt are hideous abominations of the term free - we should call them the north amerikan corporate protection racket na-cpr. the organizations that certify things like organic tend to be anally retentive rule making bodies that discourage people from taking life into their own hands. Anyone spouting off the precautionary principle without demonstrating where research is on-going in the field of endeavor is off base IMHO. people don't need rules so much as guidelines.

Organic in chemistry and organic in agriculture are vastly different terms. Organic Chemistry needs a new name. The leading sub-branch of organic chemistry is Natural Products chemistry, which is building in a laboratory the molecules that nature creates. This term too has a distinctly different implied connotation due to pharma marketing schemes. Co-opting the language is a form of cheating, but now that terms have been altered, science professionals cannot afford to keep up confusing terminology when lay people need to understand what the scientists are speaking about whenever they do decide to listen.

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