November 20, 2005

My Table "Rosencrantz"


James Leroy Wilson said...

Sheesh! I've had incidents of giant reptiles crawling all over my stuff oh, I don't know, just 25-30 times in my life, but I never managed a decent photograph of the event.

Seriously, how do you deal with these creatures?

Dr. Lenny said...

It's more a question of how they deal with us. Rosencrantz much prefers the bath-tub, but his cage is like a telephone booth with an apple tree branch thru the middle. I became an amateur herpetologist with an injured boa that used to crawl into the bicycle wheel that hung from the wall of a boston area apartment. The snake weaver through the spokes and then liked to spin, like a hampster in a cage. I became facinated - worked at a zoo - hence hello rosencrantz. He was 9 feet when we got him, he's 14 after the last shed.
I didn't show him the pictures of the snake/alligator battle. It also helps that we raise rabbits and have a steady food supply at marginal internal cost.