November 11, 2005

Random Morning Thoughts

What is the prize for being on the Republicans 10,000 person hit list? If they don't have the goods on you, will they just make it up? Are there bonus points involved if you are also on the democrats 10,000 enemies list? And the pork keeps rolling, no matter what the status of the current crisis.

I see they've named a lemur after the Monty Python actor John Cleese. Does that make him a monkey's uncle? What is that spark that makes our inTellergents greater than a gibbon's in terms of reality? After all - i haven't ever seen an ape construct a fawlty tower, yet give a child two decks of cards and a six story mission...

Time to find the Higgs' Boson. Anything that massive has to be hiding in plane sight. String vibratory interactions must be non-linear, with some sort of particle emission - perhaps a sound byte in addition to a sound wave. Odd - theoretical physicists should be in their heyday, and yet the one thing missing from science today is the deep investigation into what we really don't know. Our applied engineering gives us RFIDs and fictional light sabres, but won't build a non-combustive engine. Pulling the plug on the SSC was very unwise and will set the race back in the course of history. But ... we will still complete the race and continue on the Frosty path taken.

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