November 08, 2005

Water Resources

It rained twice in the past week, so that the flow at Cow Creek where Dr. Lenny did the Salmon Watch with the North Umpqua Foundation increased by an order of magnitude. From when the homeschoolers were at the site and the level was down to 100 cu ft per sec, to the Glide High class last Friday - where reservoir spill from Galesville doubled flow with Fish Release Water (1987 water right). The carcasses that we saw providing bug food and nutrients were likely all swept back downstream into other places. Makes you wonder about some of the scientific theories espoused in the conservation biology world - assumptions that are not borne out by observing reality seem to be the basis for conservation decisions inside the Beltway. Don't they take belts away from criminals before they lock them up in the cell for the first time?

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