December 03, 2005

congress speaks our language

i visited with my congress critter today. it was a meeting of conservationists and he talked our language. when he visits with timber folks he talks their language. when he visits with middle of the roadies, he talks middle of the roadie language. congress critters are very good at being consistent in telling us what we want to hear, so that we keep voting for them.

i tried to get him to talk about the california congress critter mr. pombo, who chairs the resources committee, but the press was in the room filming at the time and the chances of saying anything significant went down accordingly. problem is two-fold - one - only one dr. paul exists: two - the seniority system encourages communities to keep their own pet critter in, as long as he strokes our fur and speaks our language when he talks to us.

one practice that has to stop - the lobbyists often write the legislation and the congress critters don't even vette it. lawyers control all the doors to the process, coming, going and sideways. at least our congress critter is on our side. (since we can't clone dr. paul yet, or can we?). i will say i heartily approve of the co-sponsorship of the bill to preserve our access to vitamins and supplements - big plusses. 10 terms : majority chairmanship 2006? (D-OR) hmmmmm

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