December 07, 2005

Tiller - thought 2

Tiller is a beautiful place, but if the Forest Service can't afford to take care of the forest, they need to sell the land and get out of the land management business alltogether. The federal government should not be allowed to redirect their assets to other endeavors without serving the local communities that make the resource base. By not doing any logging in the forest, we handicap ourselves with dangerous, no mobility jobs - having shut down a viable private sector timber industry. No - the forest cannot be run on the cheap while we spend our dollars on guns and butter. By volunteering our time and patience, we are only enabling the grubbermint to tax us further.

But without wishing to tax the resource
, which really does need work, what would you suggest we do, locally? The 40-50 year old stands need to have the density reduced for forest health reasons and the feds managing the land should come up with Davis-Bacon wages and full benefits to pay for it, rather than these flimsy stewardship partnership that puts the local community at risk and feeds most of the dollars to the federal treasury. The feds need to get the job done, or get out and let us do the job.

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Dr Geranium said...

Lands that are supposed to be under government management should be managed by them. Taxpayers pay for people to manage the forests, so let them manage their own forests. Let the private lands manage their own forests instead of using up valuable time volunteering to help manage the forests that we already pay for management. We are just paying twice.

If the forest is going to be locked up, then let the government manage it. If they can't do it with the money we send them, then they should get out of the business or have the environmental community help foot the bill and leave the private sector alone. If they have something to sell, truck it on down to your local mill and try to sell it.