March 16, 2006

Educated Worker Bees v Thoughful Expertise

"The basis of education seems to have some serious orwellian fantasies embedded in our belief system. To get a true professional degree requires lucidity of thought and the perserverence to continue on down the depth trail. People all do this anyway, when the focus on whatever it is that they focus on. If you document the hours spent on a task, when you hit 500, you know something about your topic. It takes observation - and most people cannot pay attention focused for that long. But colleges don't give out true professional degrees - the sheepskins are as the author speaks." Dr. Lenny

Disciplined Minds cost a physics editor his job - guess he got weeded howdt. The book is reviewed at the link and i will definitely look into it further. One of the orwellian fantasies i refer to is that despite the dual nature of chemistry as particles and waves, all synthetic and mechanistic chemistry is explained in particle theory only. The boys at DARPA keep the wave stuff close to the chest and HARRPoon anybody that discusses the details. As a salaried professional, i could get in trouble with the boss, but since i pay myself my own salary (as an accounting practice to jump thru the hoops - i really resent having to keep track of something as useless as today's fiat money), i only report to mrs. howdt

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