March 29, 2006

EH - 85 : New Frontier

Old school thinking and new school thinking are both cut out of the same groove. Forget schools altogether. People act because they feel they need to act and the charade of the system leaves too many people not knowing how to act. MacGregor may be correct in some areas, but the internet is not a savior, there are way more thinking people not connected to the information sphere of the net, who think logically, rationally and differently. Bound paper books and articles and papers all contain truths and falsehoods that people take, synthesize and then choose to believe or not to believe. Get some pre-1960s texts and see how much the philosophy (theory) of the world has changed.

Internal consistency requires external inconsistency.

If we get new information that disagrees with our context of understanding, our first inclination is to reject it out of hand. If we question enough, we can go look up more information about the problem and fit it into context, but when a new revolutionary idea comes along, we trot out the same shop-worn examples of how we know things work and compare the new system to the old. We build models of systems to try to get them to work with the minimal possible mechanisms, a variant of Occam's Razor - the simplest explanation for something is most likely the correct explanation.

Suddenly the fog starts to rise.

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