March 27, 2006

Fear of Change / Free-Fall

The best tip jar in the world was spotted this weekend - it said simple - if you fear change, leave it here. I think the movie V for Vendetta is inspiring people to stop fearing the change, but nobody is quite ready to pull the plug out of the outlet quite yet. Dr. Lenny has already taken the leap and free-fall is not a bad feeling at all.

Of course, though, we used to play a version of free-fall in high school. Advanced physics class with doctor bobby kindt was so boring that we devised our own experiment, to measure the greatest ankle that a desk stool could be leaded against a wall with a human counterweight, without falling. Essentially, this was my first exposure to the angle of repose concept. Many times, me or one of my friends would come crashing to the floor when a small shift in center of gravity through the balance off the system.

Physics was highly entertaining in college also. Dr. Menard-ard used to repeat-eat his phrases to the class-ass. You can imagine the discussion-shun about vector and direction-erection. So guess what happened when a tube topped, hot pants babe attended class. Poor guy - never lost that fear of his own shadow.

Physics works when we measure things, but has broken down as we got more and more theoretical in approach and expensive in equipment. The search for the missing mass, the Higgs boson, was shut down in the 90's when congress defunded the superconducting supercollider. So we have no real proof for our grand theories and no current way of approaching proof. So, if i might ask as the physics intuitive readers, why are we so married to the current concepts of strings and quarks and tiny bits, and why does our concept of planets and planetary space, on a scale of galaxies and giant nebulae clouds have equal weight? Neither fits mathematically or physically with Newtonian mechanics and aren't we agreed that fractals (another concept) say that every scale is contiguous? Somethings better change.

If you are afraid of change, leave it for the person who is serving your latte this morning.

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