March 23, 2006

Response to JLW

James Leroy Wilson at the Partial Observer suggests that a new age has started because the fed is hiding M-3, the total money supply. His conclusion suggests some means to prevent economic collapse, but i question whether anyone should really want to prevent the collapse. As an miniarchist, i am not certain that a constitutional government is warrented, but certainly not worth saving if we look at the second half of the 20th century. So let's peek at the presidents since Harry trumped Dewey and do a quick assessment of presidents in my lifetime:

Ike - great mil/indus speech : JFK - the only thing our govt has to fear is a president and his brother coming in to clean things up : LBJ - Pat Oliphant's editorial comic 3-22-06 - : Nixon - watergate - with some awful liberal legislation : Ford - Chevy Chase falling : Carter - Inflation days are here again : Reagan - the first imaginary imagery president : Bush I - information broker on a par with Jedgar Hoover : Clinton - devil with a blue dress : Bush II - i'm not my daddy

Is chaos not better than this sort of order ?

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