March 18, 2006

Vibration Fractals

my audio migrane is now on day three and the relevation that loud has little to do with the pain means that i can rethink how wave mechanix work yet again. It seems to me that vibrations must occur in three dimensional space, but that loud an amplification of the volume, must not be a factor to the wave form. as we cut from big size to smaller and smaller, the vibrations have vibrations on them that cause perturbations of the system. These have to fall off in macro-effect very rapidly with size - if the perturbation affects two orders down, it is likely to be very specific.

so if my brain functions at say 8.00 Hz, then any multiple of 8 will have pattern sets that my mind feels comfortable in. Any fraction that sets in-line with the 8 Hz wave (ie, 2 and 4 Hz waves) would have more intensity of effect than any other wave that has destructive interferent mechanisms allowed. If sound volume doesn't factor, then something is tweaking the pattern of the thinking by having a grating at the pitches where my 8 Hz brain resonates. does this make any sense? I do not know that 8Hz is the proper frequency, nor do i think that it need be whole numbers or integer values. my math sense says that this is very important - it may cause us to need to redefine some chemistry to explain phenomena better (by better i mean a sharper fit).

Here is a lemme offering:

Waves sweep through time

emitting thoughts
that disrupt the universe.

Annointed princelings
chatter simultaneously
signifying nothing.

Science breaks the mode
and in turn, yet again
is broken by technology.

Just the way
the world works (or not)
my brain hertz.

(c) 2006 lemme howdt

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