March 24, 2006

Who is a Terrorist?

Isn't sovereignty about being responsible for ourselves? Right now, you can accept responsibility by saying i'll take responsibility and not be held accountable at all, yet anyone can be the low person on the totem pole who gets blamed for the failure, if they don't have their cover set and a specific fall-guy preannointed. I reference Brown and Libby in the political arena - but it is a universal concept. Blame and fault are vastly different arenas, responsibility lies somewhere closer to fault than blame, but on a sliding scale from scapegoat to actual terrorist.

So we are left with the question of who is a terrorist, and both Vache and Lenny have professional interests that have them hit on all cylinders (i store gas as a chemist). As V from Vendettaville has made the concept palatable this week, i suppose that being open here today makes sense for visible speakers of the bloggosphere. But who is to say that people continuing in the lemming mind-frame will not use these statements in trials to stifle dissent later.

I have talked to both my state rep and my federal rep to know that they are both driven people who think for themselves, but realize that the only means to pursue their agendas are to be part of the team until the point of incidence - where the affect of the vote makes a difference to the agenda. Since these people are in different parties, but both in the minority - i consider it brave when they do not march in line with party status quo. But other than the key constituent issues from southwest oregon, they both vote regular party line. the state rep made a bold move to get the legislature out of session, term before last, and caught major retribution from her party, but won re-election despite their efforts.

As long as the system stands intact, any congressional district that sends home a veteran legislator in favor of a novice loses out on the spoils big time. It is the reward system of divvying up the commons that needs to be addressed, and we are now classified as terrorists and prevented from bringing it up. And we will be prosecuted by the same legal profession that writes the rules and enforces the system currently in play.

Paging Dr. Orwell, Paging Dr. Soltzenitzen, Paging Dr. Thoreau

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