April 25, 2006

Breach of Faith

faith, the girl, was just a slut
as any babe might be
her need was need of male ego
to cuddle, have accept, to see
her vulnerable desires
to trade herself for love
necessitated reenforcement
from strong built arms above
such the coquette played her boys
then dropped them quick as shit
when a smile could bring another on
a tease lithe blond don't quit
but as harry became carlos
became steve, and john, and rick
each dump off came bits easier
she became a hardened prick
so when bill changed on to teddy
bill was not quite set to go
he cut her face, sliced her breast
left a pile of bad used ho
she wasn't cute with facial scar
no guys would come nearby
she now lives in the pad next door
some nights i hear her cry...

2006 (c) lemme howdt

1 comment:

sunni said...

Powerful. Thanks.