April 05, 2006

EH - 87 : Timber Resources

The timber sale planning was almost complete by the summer of 2003, when the Forest Service put it on hold for some new information - a study paid for by the Douglas County Commissioners on behalf of the timber industry. The study, conducted by forest engineer John Sessions at Oregon State University, showed that, with advanced engineering methods, loggers could feasibly pull 2 billion board feet - twenty times more wood - out of the burned areas. This was the study that delayed the logging plan. Environmentalists had nothing to do with it. Kelpie Wilson

For those of you who like to google - google up sessions and his tie in to ULEP - the Umpqua Land Exchange Project. After millions of dollars of federal funds and much in-kind local help in Douglas County, Dr. Sessions kept his 'proprietary' model at Oregon State off-limits to the participants, who could not vette the accuracy. No land has been exchanged based on ULEP. I know pieces, but i also know there is more than i know.

There is more to the Donato paper in science that Ms. Wilson let's on, but the gist of her story passes the Dr. Lenny sniff test.

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