April 28, 2006

yoke the dang beast already

i guess that futzing around will be a thing of the past - motivation stirs when one's own is disturbed by the festering maelstrom. i had been content to sit and pick a little, talk a little - cheep cheap cheep - talk a lot pick a little more, as in the music man, but sports dominate the headlines when they wish to pick a nit. so consider it done, 1st step is to regroup and consider the damage... considerable, but everybody is still alive, knock on wood. if i didn't know that humiliation was part of the deal, i might be more upset - but conscious decisions, once made are chosen.

my read of things may have been far off kilter, that wool shaded my eyes ... policians call it plausible deniability, the army 'don't ask, don't tell'. things you don't know can hurt you and things you do know can hurt you, so which way would you rather be hurt. was already hardened for even worse reality, but it gets me goat that they can't play it on the level, even with the chips stacked in their favor. So ends cannot meet, and yet they must ... life goes on.

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