April 12, 2006

youth hear

mechanism busted
self serving advisors
diminish learning --> be wary
distrust proliferates
as overwhelming winds
blow battered beaten souls
who never had a chance
cynical wisdom arose prior
joy, peace, wealth, love,
security violation sphere <--
boomer goin down
value goin down
cept in when ya look
thru difring eyes
current up down
down up topsy turvy
negate the positive
brutal oz matrix world
alters physically when trust
discerns focus to truth
rite is proper, y'no y'know
gotcha soya gotcha work
y'do what y'do cuz
butcha dunno how ta do it <--
dew comes first
softening the sphere
from icky wet change
to sunlit horizon

(c) 2006 lemme howdt

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