May 11, 2006


Catalysts are chemicals that return to their original state after they are done doing the chemistry of the process. The catalyst is not involved in the net reaction, but it makes things run smoother. It requires energy, grease, oil, fuel, and payment to make things happen - every car has a catalytic converter that greases the combustion process to produce 'cleaner air'.

The modern business infrastructure at the prodding of government has downsized all their human catalysts and chased them to manufacturing industries in the far east. We have scattered remnants visiting gulch communities, but the initiative to create on behalf of the system is nil, because there is nobody left to catalyze the sheeple into any workable form, other than sheeple.

Internet bloggers are catalysts in altering the reality that we had come to believe and now that we are faced with absurdity, simple minds cannot handle the contradictions without new ideas, that incubate over catalysts that are not there. If you would like to learn more about the catalysis process, in order to make workable fuels in the absence of oils - enroll in ONRRI at yourclassroom dot com and open a direct communication channel to Dr. Lenny. There will be a cost to take courses once the system gets running for real in October, but this summer is piloting thru chaos and making certain the mechanisms work to support the physical dynamics. It would help to have a few volunteer beta testers in each of the following categories. Please note the number of all categories that apply, not just one.

1) middle school math or science teachers
2) seventh/eighth grade science interested kids
3) recently retired people that like working with youth
4) people that have project ideas that youth could accomplish
5) educators looking for an alternative format
6) curious people
7) people who have a skill that is presently undervalued
8) people who have friends that don't ever use the internet
9) high school age youth that have spent time with 'nature'

The learning system, REDILE, is net based for the distance learning, but requires the discipline of the student to pursue their interest on their own. The final evaluation of knowledge will be a real interaction at a physical location where the student and mentor demonstrate that the knowledge base shared has met the standards of rigor that allow for expertise to trust the judgement of the data collector. The advantage that Dr. Lenny has is well apparent if you have looked at the pictures on this site. I would gladly entertain visitors to hike trails, identify biologicals and demonstrate extended learning on a 3-month basis - if there were 32 pieces of a 64 grid matrix that were to be tested on all at once. Of course, this is college degree level work, not middle school.

Dr. Lenny does math and science, but the system can be adapted - as any living system - to other areas - history, economics, arts. The math language is spoken in powers of two, such that decending symmetry in the structural arrangement allows serious economy of scale, but each branch from the symmetry point is unique and curiosity driven. If anyone wishes to arrange a trip to Oregon this august / september - Dr. Lenny will ensure that you have a vacation to remember. If there is enough interest - an 'elderhostel' type event can be formally scheduled.

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