May 06, 2006

EH - 99 : Goverment Disfunction

"H.R. 5253 is the latest indictment of republican – not to mention Republican – government. The House passed this bill only one day after it was introduced, under a "suspension of the rules," thus precluding any opportunity for debate or dissent. The bill punishes an undefined non-crime and empowers an unconstitutional body of unelected lawyers to impose unlimited price controls on a key sector of the economy. The House didn't even bother to impose checks on the FTC's powers, because legislators apparently have unbounded faith in the ability of antitrust lawyers to "run" the economy, the lack of any supporting evidence notwithstanding."

Rules, rules, but who enforces the rules on the rulemakers. Why do these people have any legal jurisdiction at all, when an unconstitutional law is null and void. S.M. Oliva demonstrates how the use of illegal government action to bypass rules puts power in the hands of unelected bureaucrats, with sheepskins and little common sense. Normally this would also call for some self-depreciating humor for balance, but no longer am i going to play those p.c. games.

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