May 28, 2006

Fire Starter

When camping (which generally starts on the M day weekend, but cannot this time due to events beyond my ken), we play a game where people have to come up with topical songs that fit the criteria. Fire songs is one of my favorites, and when we play this year in July at the 6th UW youth campout, i need to come armed with some new fire songs to impress the regulars.

Here is my list - please feel free to tack a few more on. The rule is that you must sing the pertinant verse that includes the word fire, such that it can be identified by another different team. Any genre.

she got the fire down below - bob seger
but when we kiss, ooh - fire -
we didn't start the fire - billy joel
50-50 fire and ice (be cool) - joni mitchell
fire on the mountain - charlie daniels band
cause fire is the devils only friend (american pie) - don mclean
i see the fire in your eyes (winter wonderland) - perry como
burning down the house - talkin heads (does this count?)
fire lake - bob seger
great balls of fire - jerry lee lewis
my heart is on fire - peter frampton (yuk)
but the fires so delightful - let it snow
on a pony named wildfire
keep the fire burning - kenny loggins
baby come and light my fire - jim morrison and the doors
i've seen fire and i've seen rain - james taylor

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Sunni said...

Fire Your Guns - AC/DC
Fire at Midnight - Jethro Tull
Paper in Fire - John Cougar Mellencamp
Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash (Social Distortion does a good cover)
Cold Fire - Rush
Does Uriah Heep's Firefly count?